Monday, 8 December 2014


Wayland Games had some extra stock! So despite all the other competition for my funds at the moment I went ahead and ordered a copy. At £60 it's the cheapest around and although the free delivery offer for spends over £40 doesn't include 'bulky' items I think it's a bargain. I'll be selling the Blood Angel stuff and the rule book alone is averaging £25 so the miniatures are equivalent to £40. Even if I only got £20 for the Blood Angel side [which would be disappointing] that means a Carnifex, 3 Warriors, 8 Stealers and the biggest Broodlord ever for just £20!

Of course I did just get myself a Carnifex off ebay because I couldn't get Deathstorm so now I'll have three :( oh dear, how will I cope? Now I need procure two pair of Tyrannofex Fleshborer Hives...!

Anyway, it has crystalised my thoughts, at least in one direction anyway. None of this fits in with my Hobby Season To Do List, which is fine they don't need to be painted or anything. But the more pressing issue is I never meant to purchase much else when I set the To Do List in August. I had plans for three Lictors so I can do a Deathleaper Assassin brood and then a Carnifex but other than that I was going stop. Well this will be the New Years Resolution [aside from the Lictors at some point ;) ]
Of course that takes the Tyrannocyte out of the question but I will make do with my scratchbuilds for the time being. The fact is I need to do things on my list and as much as this is a great bargain, as my wife would say it's just 'more shit'. I have a potential big purchase for my Dark Angel force, I will be adding an Imperial Knight as soon as my Google Adsense earnings reach £60 and then I have an interesting idea to follow. But I want to focus on what I've got, consolidate and then see where I'm at at the end of the Hobby Season.