Tuesday 25 December 2012

40k addict on Youtube - quick 'Look Out Sir' dice rolls

Happy Christmas everyone and to celebrate I thought I'd throw in an extra post and what better post than my first and perhaps last youtube video taking into account the mind numbing and depressing monotone delivery that will undoubtedly cause many of you to think suicidal thoughts! Still, Merry Christmas and all that ;)

So essentially when I was at Throne of Skulls I was doing so many Look Out Sir! rolls I ended up adopting a speed rolling technique that I found useful and improved the pace a little. What you will need is:
  • your usual dice and [mine are yellow]
  • a single dice in a different colour [mine is red and was gifted by the gaming fairies ;) ]
The process is detailed in the video below:
But, if you haven't access to Youtube the simple explanation is your normal dice form the 'Wound Pool' [WP] and your single dice is the Look Out Sir! [LOS!] dice.
  1. Put the WP dice in a pile your opponent can see
  2. Pick up 1 WP dice and the LOS! dice
  3. Roll the two dice
  4. If the LOS! roll passes apply the WP dice to your units saving throw
  5. If the LOS! roll fails apply the WP dice to your unit leader's saving throw
  6. Remove models or add wounds if the saving roll fails
  7. Move WP dice into a new pile of 'spent' WP dice
  8. Repeat until the Wound Pool is empty or all your figures have died.
Now the first time I did this I was rolling the LOS! dice separately and the WP dice but doing them simultaneously speeds things up. Since then I've experienced a number of things to be careful about:
  • Ensure you make it clear what your saving throws are
  • Make sure you are using the correct LOS! value - 4+ for unit upgrades, 2+ for Independent Characters
  • Ensure you correctly identify
    "LOS! roll is passed, unit fails saving throw", or
    "LOS! roll is passed, unit passes saving throw", or
    "LOS! roll is failed, leader fails saving throw", or
    "LOS! roll is failed, leader passes saving throw"
    it's easy to get mixed up so it helps to verbally confirm what the dice say
  • Ensure the 'spent' WP pile is clear for your opponent - nothing worse than going through the WP only for them to say you've only done 6 rolls out of 7 and you're convinced you've doen them all - the spent pile proves this, thoguh equally the lack of dice in your Wound Pool should also prove where you're at.
Lastly, remember it's sometimes handy to want to fail Look Out Sir! because your unit leader may have a better saving throw. And also if your opponent believes something shady is going on because you have a 'special' LOS! dice they're not really thinking the process through because if you've got a 'special' dice that always rolls 4+ then you'd be using them for your main dice! 


  1. I didn't get this statement "Lastly, remember it's sometimes handy to want to fail Look Out Sir! because your unit leader may have a better saving throw." If it was handy to fail it, then you'd just opt not to make the LOS roll, no?

    The way we do it is thus:

    1) Determine if the character has a different armor save than the rest of the squad. If not, then we roll the entire wound pool's worth of dice as his LOS attempts. After determining this, we roll all his failed attempts as his armor save (and noting any remaining wounds, as they'll spill over to the squad). The rest of the saves will be placed on the squad as normal.

    2) If the character has a different armor save, we roll a total number of LOS dice equal to the remaining wounds on the character, and then immediately roll for any saves. Ie. If the character has three wounds, he gets to LOS three dice at a time, until such time that he fails one (or more). At that point, we continue making LOS attempts with a number of dice equal to his remaining wounds.

    1. Indeed yes opt out if you're willing to take the whole Wound Pool on your 'Sir' of course my perspective is coming from the Broodlord and Prime angle so I'm usually after the Genestealers acting like Hive Guard but sometimes it's still painful to see them fail their 5+ save when you've rolled a saving throw of 4. Risking it to opt out [probably better term than failing] may be the better choice but then if the Broodlord dies...

      1) Will have to try this when I get my Dark Angels up and running and see how I get along with it.

      2) I tried a version of the video rolling all my LoS rolls at the same time as the saving throws, I confess I got confused. This is a slightly more compartmentalised way of doing things limiting it to just the remaining wounds.

      I just found the method I adopted really handy although its one wound at a time it's two instant results. the only real problem is getting the wounds down on the model quick enough to keep the rolling efficient. Thanks for sharing your tips though.

    2. Sorry, Stealers act to the Broodlord like Tyrant Guard do to a Hive Tyrant, not Hive Guard.