Sunday 4 March 2012

Lost Boys Gaming Club - Fall of Arminius Tournament

Yesterday I went to Church, the church of gaming that is! My local friendly neighbourhood gaming club was holding it's tournament and I think I mentioned it's based in the same church [hall] my grandparents used to attend. I took my eldest so he he could see what it was like and hopefully prepare him for whats expected in June, I really have to fill you all in on that score.

Anyway, I took a load of photos, but any semblance of battle reports would be incomplete. By the third battle my brain was fried, my legs ached from so much standing, basically I was knackered. In time I'll share some pics and perhaps a rough report of the three 2000pt battles I played. As well as th epics I took my son also took a few and it's great because while I was shooting board wide shots of the action he got down at model level and really captured the action.

I won't leave you in suspense though, I came 14th out of 16. I'm OK with that, I faced Space Wolves [loss], Grey Knights [draw] and Blood Angels and as much as there was plenty of Tyranid body parts strewn about the battlefields for not as much of the Emperor's finest I think I made every last point taken from me hard fought. I was beaten decisively but I don't think easily and even though there was plenty of vehicles I don't think my lack of anti-tank was an issue so I'm pleased with my efforts and enjoyed every game. 

"But what the hell is that trophy if you came 14th?" you say...

Well, I did win best painted army, voted for by the competitors. Which I'm so excited about and is two fingers to Toymaster [y'see I do practice Old Stuff Day every day]. Thanks to all those that voted for me. I should have taken pictures but the other competitors were a 'counts as' ork army which was full of character because practically every model was converted with tentacles coming from heads, human bodies with Tyranid scything claws for legs with a very rustic weathered finish. Another army of grey knhights had some fantastic force weapons, I think they were air-brushed. Lastly a camo-army of guard where there was an awful lot of character in every figure, with a sergeant with a blonde 'Beatle' hair do and every model with the tiniest painted eyes, in every colour. Also a lot of diversity among ethnicity within the ranks which I approve of, I don't suppose the Emperor is prejudiced [apart from xenos] if they can hold a las-gun they're welcome in the guard.

Well, I'll get the rest of the pics done at some point and write what I can remember and maybe take a better shot of my 'Holy Grail'. Does anyone know the etiquette of these things in future tournaments? Am I expected to have a different army or add extensively to this one? I have a few more dev-gaunts and a Broodlord coming but I don't think that'd be enough do you? I'm sure of the club hold another tournament they'll let me know if I'm in the shortlist and people can decide if I'm still worthy or reward someone else, but for today - I won 'for the Great Devourer'!

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