Thursday 29 March 2012

Blood Bowl - Elves

As mentioned I've started my Elf Bloodbowl . Officially they're elves but I'm going to run them as a Wood Elf team though I still need a Treeman to round out the squad. The decision will be to play them as the Haffenheim Hornets or the Codillion Clarions as I've prepped both their endzone markers, though I understand these aren't used on the new card pitch - pah!

The fact is I know I've got a few more elves knocink around, I'm positive I have the 'Daniel-san' karate kid kicker with headband and the Blitzer [which will be wardancers] with the Ice Hockey mask. A lot of these were gifted to me by a school friend, one of those friends who spends your life alternating between between being spiteful and best buds. I spent a period of time being the butt of his taunts, I'm not entirely sure why him calling me "barnacle" was so bad but saying it in the middle of assemblies didn't go down well. Still, old wounds and not really how our friendship was left. He offloaded all his gear onto me and ironically was partly responsible for me meeting my future wife.

He knew her and she asked him at one of the rock nights we used to attend who was nice he could introduce her to so he introduced her to my brother! Which I din't get because he doesn't really know him. Anyway, she recognised my brother as a mate of her ex so she didn't want to go down that road, or so my brother told me. Of  course a few months later on New Years Eve when she came up to me, drunk as a Lord [or Lady] and said she fancied me and then at some point "do you know *insert ex'es name here*" I went "No, never heard of him!". The rest shall we say is history, so I'm kind of grateful for more than the elves off this guy ;)

Getting back to the elves, did you notice the elf thrower with the stumpy foot!


  1. What a great story! But I so HATE elves. OK I hate their 4Ag and prettiness, but more than that I hate their 2+ dodge with a reroll. Alight, I actually hate loosing to them. Maybe I'm just envious after all :-)

  2. Still have to try them with the current rules, only have 2nd edition and they're really fun.