Tuesday 24 January 2012

Deathwing Progress - they're on Ferron Proxima

Just a little update, but what a difference it makes - Vermillion art acrylic is in place and these are starting to make a bit more sense visually, regardless of any reservations I may have with the actual style and cohesion with the rest of my Dark Angels. Ron at From the Warp discussed the topic of painting bases first. Much like painting faces/eyes on a model they can really set the tone but equally you run the risk of spoiling your efforts by paint catching in the wrong place. It's a difficult choice, maybe we should just be better alround huh? Should we try that?

Still to work on the lenses and the Sergeants skin tone, not so comfortable with my brown paints, the mix isn't very good but we'll get there.

Up next, some battle damage *eek!* I've never done it before and if I cock it up it's going to be a bugger to fix. I saw some Crimson Fists on GW's website that resolved how I would tackle the battle damage. Each chip on their armour was rendered in the darkest shadow colour used on the armour with a highlight. I figure if i follow the same idea I should be OK, fingers crossed...

Let's just say my experiment isn't a huge success...


  1. I like the color of the bases... really makes the models pop out.

    Weathering and adding battle damage to light colored armour can be tricky.
    I have a few thoughts on it here that might save you some headaches as well.
    Weathering over light and dark armour

    From the Warp

    1. Ooh, I love the verdigris on those guns. It's beautiful.

    2. Thanks Pete, it came out much better than expected.

    3. Cheers Ron, I love the idea of using pencils, it's genius. My only issue is I've never believed ceramite was metal... I thought it was some composite material presumably derived in some part from ceramic. So I never wanted to do silver as a base for the weathering.

      I've done the test, as hinted at and the results are mixed. Mainly because I wasn't thinking about where to put the damage. I've read so many posts about you'd think I'd be prepared. No I went and put on places I could see/get to easily instead of those places that receive wear and tear. So this has all pretty much stalled - AGAIN! Ha, ha. When will I just get on and do it!

  2. Nice work! I'll echo Pete, the verdigris turned out really well. They definitely pop on those bases too, good stuff!

  3. Thanks Mordian7th, there's still my usual 'red planet basing' mix to be done. I still love how this vermillion looks on our battlemat but the final look captivates me every time.