Friday 13 October 2023

'nids part 356 - #DreadTober High Rule Dude and Screamer Killers chitin highlights

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity it's the 13th of #DreadTober and I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my Tyranid High Rule Dude and the first set of chitin highlights are complete.

I think I'd feared this more than the bone, but actually it wasn't too bad.

Once again I'm using a spreadsheet to keep track of things, on all of my DreadTober pledges, so it helps to tick each element off one at a time. This is the body, obviously, but also forms part of the 'dots' task.

Left and right legs [plus dots].

The guns, which I'm going to try and match to the Bio-titan weapons.

It's a bit more 'Duplo' than the Hierophant, but then this sculpt is - sacrificing some of the finer detail for a better overall chunky feel. The dots and finesse of the striations match up.

Scything talons, funnily enough I did the three forearm plates on both and actually thought these were done.

Then I realised there was the 'sheath' bit of the talon itself. Don't know how I overlooked it initially, and they were probably more effort than the three bigger plates!

And back to the Screamer Killers and I got so carried away I totally painted the second set of highlights on one of them before I took the pictures of the first stage. I won't go into it until all stage 2 highlights are together but it makes an interesting comparison as I think I cover almost 80% of the 1st stage. Once again I'm going to blame my clumsiness and laziness.

I'm returning to my issue of this beast having much too chunky legs and the armour plates almost give the impression it's wearing tartan pants.

It's coming together from the saide.

And I do like the top/back carapace armour.

Not a lot of dots, but they make a significant difference to help break up the space inbetween the striations and the inconsistencies with the wash on the plates.

Once again the close up and this time pay attention to the teal. I'll repeat this after the 2nd highlights so we can see how much is covered.

Right, 2nd highlights still to do. I've estimated there are 118 elements on all three models, so far I've done 66, with only 52 left. Great progress and although I will have gotten through the bulk of the model very soon the remaining small bits may end up taking just as long. All the red and black highlights, green glow FX, any fleshy pink bits and perhaps even blue plasma [urgh] on the Screamer Killers...

We'll just have to see.


  1. Well done Dave.. you Nids always come out looking awesome! Keep it going man!

    1. Cheer, progress is much better than I expected but that's because I've been lucky to spend more time painting than I thought I'd have. So, it's all good and productive.