Monday 16 October 2023

'nids part 357 - #DreadTober High Rule Dude and Screamer Killers chitin highlights 2

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity it's the 16th of #DreadTober and I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my Tyranid High Rule Dude and the second set of chitin highlights are complete.

Much brighter but still I think I covered up far more of the previous Teal highlight than I would have liked.

Here's some close-ups to see the quality of the line work.

Some good ones but also some scruffy ones.

I also decided to fill the dots with brush work, rather than pins, tooth picks or paper-clip dots. It's less uniform and in some places goes wrong too but it was just easier to do in one sitting.

Those vents are disappointing. I will be doing green glow from them like the Hierophant and on the sides. Hopefully the additional colour will break things up and be more interesting to look at than the dodgy striations. 

The guns

which look like weird little star fields now.


The look OK, ther'll be lots to do with the black highlights when I get round to them.

Not just the massive talons themselves, but the hand claws.

The elbow and the three little spikes underneath the forearm. This may break me next week.

Both Screamer Killers are now highlighted.

It's bizarre who the legs offend me again. I get why they're stocky, but the Norn Emissary is bigger and his legs and chitin plates are more tapered.

But it's not just the shape, its the numbers. The Emissary has five plates on the thigh and the three on the shin.

This has six plates on the thigh and four on the shin.

I'm convinced if they'd stuck to that the proportions would have made more sense.

But again, this thing needs more armour so they through on more plates. Lore-wise, bio-morph wise it makes sense. I just think visually it falls down.

Although I do love the back, these vents will need a green glow too.

And the other SK, I just think it looks like it's wearing tartan pants.

I put some tertiary highlights on the High Rule Dude, but haven't done so here, which I might have to rectify now I've spotted it.

There are just a few places where both of them would benefit from just a little extra definition,

Reds next and there's a fair bit to do on all these models for that.

So, that's the vast bulk of the model done just reds, blacks, greens, blue [for the SC plasma] and teeth and eyes.

Back to the spreadsheet to track my progress, unfortunately I keep adding to it, to help identify different elements, as I tick things off 124 elements now. However, I've only 25% left to do, so at least progress is outperforming the setbacks. Although I'm not sure having 50% of my time left is actually sufficient to do that 25%! So many details left...


  1. Wow, such interesting results. Your scheme pops so much! I love it. A definite labor of love, but the results stand on their own. carry on!

    1. It is really odd to see these together. Ordinarily the Screamers would be big models and in the past doing one in a month [or two] would have been beyond me. But the High Rule Dude makes them feel small [and manageable].

      Dare I say it - I have every confidence I will get these done. However, I have conflicting urges to take a break after DreadTober is over and not paint anything for a bit. Also, I want to get more Tyranids done, but actually there's so many small bugs it's pushing me back to taking a break.

      Or, I really want to get some of my Terminators finished, while again having no desire to put paint on them whatsoever! It's very confusing.

  2. I do love how the layers of colour change the overall scheme once you start adding them. It's not only brighter but somehow fuller? – MIght just be the differnt shades that make it more realistic, if you can say that about alien horrors!

    1. I get what you mean, I've just done the red fleshy highlights and the whole demeanour of the model changes. Even just doing the grey teeth has changed how they look - altogether more comic book in style, which I love. I mean I'd like them to be totally grimdark but with my over-saturated way I have of painting that's nigh impossible. So, instead I'll just lean into the look like they've come straight out of a graphic novel.