Monday 9 October 2023

'nids part 355 - #DreadTober High Rule Dude and Screamer Killers 2nd bone highlights

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity it's the 9th of #DreadTober and I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my Tyranid High Rule Dude

Second set of bone highlights, much more fun than the first.

Lots of detail added to the ribcage to give it more texture.

It has removed some of the volumetric shading though, so when I have glued it together I will add some sepia washes in places to make it less uniformly lit.

The legs too, although they look better after all the highlights they just need more definition to their shape.

But it'll be easier to do it as one piece.

The guns next. This was a lot less onerous a task, as I suspected. 

However, I am beginning to notice that my brush control/line consistency is not quite the standard I've achieved in the past.

Now I'm not going to blame the tools, I've decent brushes, I just don't think I'm using them properly - overloading them with paint as I don't want to do the same stroke more than once.

It's not just laziness, it's that I can't. I don't quite have hand tremors nowadays but holding things steady for long periods of time just isn't sustainable. 

Not a great attribute when you paint miniatures for a hobby, but this realisation is having an impact on not just the painting but my outlook on how I paint and how it comes out.

The fact my experience is no longer creating improvements and my physical condition is perhaps reversing things means I have to be more accepting of the outcome.

The Screamer Killers were both brought up to scratch.

Reminds me of Krusty the Clown.

Luckily the dark brown, to sepia, to bone makes these a little more interesting.

But I still think some additional shading down the line will help define the model more. 

Once again I split the painting to legs, tail and torso. 

Then did the four arms separately, which I still found little joy in doing.

Saying that, I do have an urge to get another Screamer Killer.

So that I can convert it into an Old One Eye, I have the magnetised claws already...

We'll just have to see if I can be bothered.

Here's a close up of the highlights - so you can see just how rough and imprecise my strokes are.

I mean I love seeing brushstrokes on models. So in that sense I like the blobbiness. But I can also see where the paint has bled where I don't want it to be and those read as mistakes to me.

The rib cage looks pretty great though.

But it's undeniable here that I cannot hold a consistent straight line, and I know that was my intention.

But we make do with what we have and here's a little sneak peek of the next update - chitin striations next.

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