Wednesday 14 October 2020

'nids part 288 - Tyrannofex #Dreadtober week1 pt1

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer Tyranid Tyrannofex for #DreadTober week 1 and I'm off to a pretty decent start. Granted I'd got the basecoats, base and washes all done beforehand but there is still a lot to do with my scheme so it's challenging nontheless.

First bone highlights on ribs and body. I really like this part. It can be messy and still look awesome. I can make decision about just how much shade and shaded bone is showing through.

All the thorax spikes will be black, the central ones and the side ones.

I added the extra adrenal glands on the legs just for variety. I doubt I'll ever use the biomorph but I love the idea of these symbiotes crawling all over the bigger beasties.

I highlighted the hive nodes too and all the wraithbone chips. I actually think there's a bit more pumpkin orange highlight to do on those rocks too.

Another head start [pun intended] was on the head. I'd managed to include this in my Carnifex heads and so it's pretty advanced at this stage.

There are some extreme turquoise highlights that need doing, the eyes, maybe some other bits but it's almost complete.

I've quickly noted down a progress diary that I'll include in a future post so you can see what is being achieved during a session. I forget how useful these can be as knowing how long a set of first highlights takes and the 2nd set isn't usually quicker means I can set goals for what gets done in subsequent sessions. Having those goals means you can better access the endorphin hit of success. It's also easier to pack in for the night when you hit those targets or add a stretch goal for greater high if you make better progress than you planned for.


  1. Damn i love how you painted this head.
    Do you plan on doing different base dark blue on head and different on the torso? Or is this some kind of magic and this is same color? :D

    1. Thanks Toupy. Yes the body is the post wash base colour. I have a cheap craft acrylic called Bahama Blue that is the first basecoat. Then I give it a sepia wash, the brown mixed with the blue makes the colour quite varied in tone.

      Then I add a Strong Tone wash (Agrax equivalent) this adds more depth and contrast. So I get a huge range of tones from nearly the original blue to almost black. It doesn't have to be perfect because all the teal and Turquoise highlights diffuse what's going on in the background.

      The striations will break everything up so you don't notice if there is pooling of the wash. The spits also break up the flat space and add a little more variety to the colour scheme.

  2. Great job, you do good head... ooer! Phnar phnar ;)

    1. Cheers Siph, my results are slightly mixed nowadays. I've a couple of decent brushes but even so their fine points aren't delivering fine lines. It might be my ham fisted approach or the occasional hand tremor though... But I've had finer lines in the past, even with cheap taklon brushes (when they're new). Thankfully I'm less fussy, I can live with the fat wobbly lines 😂

  3. Love the base...and the head...

  4. Cheers, halfway point now, obviously it's progressed since these pics, first highlights done across the entire model. However, the timescale so far to get to this point still makes it a challenge to complete this month.

    It would have been impossible if my son hadn't gone to uni, which is a quite sad realisation. Anyway, we'll see how it goes.