Monday 19 October 2020

'nids part 290 - Tyranid Termagants

Afternoon #warmongers and just prior to #DreadTober I had been #paintingwarhammer on some 5 Devgaunts. I'd totally given up on forcing myself to get the Land Raider done and just went back to what I knew - Tyranids.

Now this may have been a mistake, my #DreadTober pledge was the Tyrannofex and it might have been easy to get bored of painting my 'nid scheme having done these.

Luckily I did not 'focus' on these and was doing them alongside some other bits and it felt very easy to get from the washes and first teal highlight through to the second turquoise and first bone highlight.

I also managed to do all the black claws, hooves and talons. This was all a by-product of the Rippers. As there are only 5 of them it wasn't too hard to just paint them together. Obviously the bone is a little more substantial so that's why it's not quite complete but it won't take much for the 2nd coat.

I also highlighted all the Adrenal Glands, again these are only for unit markings. I went a little more extreme shading/highlights on the Devourers for when the Tamiya Clear Red X-27 goes on.

It won't make a difference to my previous painted Devgaunts but I did want these to be the blueprint for future gaunts, not that I have any intention of getting anymore.