Friday 4 September 2020

'nids part 283 - Genestealer cult - Familiars TO DONE!

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer Genestealer Familiar. Not a great deal to say on these.

They're so little it's amazing they too so long. I got stuck on the debris on the bases though.

There's a subtle torso swap to get slightly different poses. I probably should have cut and reposed that arm in the air to get more variety.

Really straightforward to do.

And they look almost identical to the first two I painted. I think the variety in pose looks clearer in this order...

I also did their carapaces teal/turquoise. My Genestealers are all mixed up when it comes to colouration and it helps to differentiate units etc.

2019/20 Great Big Galactic Stamp of Approval for being a good boy! Better late than never.


  1. Good idea with the colour changes to mark them out. They look well. Not as cute as nurglings as sidekicks though. ;)

    1. Well I've got some Nurglings coming up too so I'm definitely up to my quota of cuteness. 😉