Monday 7 September 2020

Blood Bowl - Nurgle Team Bloater

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer Nurgle Blood Bowl Bloater. Now that I've finished all my 2019/20 TO DONE! pics - new content! So this is the only thing to really progress whilst I've had no mojo. I'd been holding out on the Land Raider as my primary project but couldn't pick up a paintbrush to progress. However, I did muddle on with this a bit and again my pics are all over the place.

These are from the OnePlus camera app. I had got a whole different effect on the green compared to my last green player [which didn't work out great]. I was much happier with it and then added all the Khorne Red in the recesses, which looks even better, I just regret not documenting the previous step.

But my pictures were so poor and I still can't get it right that I couldn't bring myself to make the effort to photograph them 😔

 Once again Camera360 does much more interesting colours, a bit too vibrant but closer to the actual model. However, smoothed all over the place!

And this is the screenshot, for a bit more sharpness and you can see the finer details.

He's practically complete, just some highlights on the pants. The back plank and the base. With him TO DONE! I will try to focus on the Land Raider and finally break its back. Then I might build some of those bikes and see what's next on my palette.


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    1. Much more fun than the last 3, that's for certain. 👍

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    1. Getting there. They're all experiments so I have to accept some might not work quite as well as I hoped. Luckily this one seems to be working out OK.