Friday 11 September 2020

Blood Bowl - Nurgle Team Bloater - TO DONE!

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer Nurgle Blood Bowl Bloater and only goner and finished the guy!

Here's my team so far, minus their coins and counters.

Once again Camera360 is smoothing everything, I mean  just compare these to my Ripper pictures in June.

 I don't mind the smoothed effect but I don't want it at the expense  of showcasing what I've actually painted.

I love the tar string I've got stretching from his heel.

Anyway, I was so frustrated with those pics I fished out my old digital camera. I started playing around trying to get decent colours.

I think these might be the best pics I managed, the auto-focus is a real pain though.

I tried this fella again and although most of it is sharp I still can't get that eye in focus.

And I continued with the rest of the team. Still can't get that green guy...

And the last two.

Full disclosure - I finished the bloater before the 28th, so technically he's last season, but I'm going to go with this season's Great Big Granite Minor Stamp of Approval because I can.


  1. Two thumbs up! They look great with and without photo enhancement. :)

    1. 'Two thumbs up' reminds me of when I went to India and they had Thums Up cola 😁

  2. Turned out wonderful and those tar sludge bases are insane!

    1. I think I'll need to do a display pitch. Wondering if I can get black silicon sealant for the bigger area and if I can achieve the same look to it?