Monday, 23 February 2015

Terrain is everything - Project Ω - Realm of Battle Board - TO DONE!

Well, that's it, I finally got my Realm of Battle Board done, in time for 'Dave's 40k @ 40' tournament. This weekend me and my gaming crew will be having a mini tournament much like our 'Game of Throne of Skulls' this time it's to celebrate my birthday, it was the wife's idea and as there was only five of us, Ben offered his house as a venue. PeteB will be there in the afternoon so hopefully we can get the competition out of the way and have some X-Wing later. Given my mixed emotions about my birthday it was thought a day spent in the world of fictional superhumans fighting in space might help me through it. So I can't thank the guys and the wife enough for letting me play toy soldiers, so look forward to some battle reports.

Anyway, the board got two coats of matt varnish. I had a squeaky bum moment with the second coat where some of the varnish looked a bit milky...

Lucky it all dried transparent and felt durable, although I did catch a nail on the edge while I was putting it away and stripped a bit of paint off!

As you can see I added some yellow flock too, just in some crevices for a little more detail and visual fun.

I'm really chuffed with it even if some is not quite as realistic as I'd imagined but that flock is a nightmare to work with so I'm happy.

Fingers crossed it stays stuck to the board.

So my 500ml bottle of varnish used about 100ml for the first coat and another 100ml for the second so you could probably get the 250ml for all six board. I could have done a third coat but I didn't want to risk it. Still I can use it on other stuff.

These are higher resolution images but I'm not sure if they're any better but there's plenty of pics to feast your eyes.

Just note on the edge of the stones there are some touch ups on paint chips that I forgot to blend in with some Pumpkin/Vermilion shading. I'll probably touch it up again at some point maybe set up a day were I fix any chips once a year.

I decided to put some terrain on the board, just to give it a bit of variety, hopefully there'll be some proper in game shots that will make it more exciting.

Just look how much of that hand gel has evaporated from my Plasma Generator!

And here's the Red Stamp of Approval! After so long and so many 'snafus' I'm really glad to get this off my list, not that I've really got anywhere to store/play with it ;) Apparently I'll be getting a shed later in the year and move all my hobby stuff out there, until then it's in the bag in the garage.