Monday, 16 February 2015

Terrain is everything - Project Ω - Realm of Battle Board - Varnishing Act!

It's funny how just a hint of sunshine is enough for me to gamble again by spray painting these boards. So despite the crisp weather and quite blowy conditions I just went and sprayed them [will I ever learn?].

And it actually worked! of course I don't know how tough and durable this is but it's got a coat of varnish on at least. I've still got the Winsor & Newton varnish to follow for added durabilty but at this stage I was really happy. I'd got through about two thirds of the can and criss-crossed all six boards and rotatated them to get decent coverage.

And I was still finding paint chips that go straight through to the board. Reaffirming my need to varnish but I'm beginning to doubt the adhesive properties of the base colours. I'm feeling like my paint on Red Oxide Primer may have been a better solution altogether, but I only know that now. Hindsight is always 20:20!

There's another one just visible on the right side about two thirds the way up. I've dabbed on some Red Oxide Primer and will go back and try and blend it in when it's dry.

Of course at this stage I just decided to finish off the can of varnish and typically the finish went a little bit, erm... weird.

Whether it was the excess, the wind or the bottom of the can but this coat 'fluffed up' a bit, which I'm sure is prompting a lot of you to want to give me a good kicking but thankfully a quick brush with a cloth managed to remove the fluff and dust. To get the powdery bits out of the nooks and crannys a large paint brush helped.

So we're still OK! All I need to do now is fix some of the paint chips and Winsor & Newton it, add a few bits of flock in the crevices for added interest and it's done!