Thursday 21 June 2012

Warhammer World - What I bought - Forgeworld!

As I try and collate the many pictures from my visit to Warhammer World I thought I'd start with what I bought. To be honest I had no desire to buy anything but seeing as my son bought himself a set of Dire Avengers I may have got carried away with the fun I was having and treasures around me and ticked off at least one of the Top Ten Things to do at Warhammer World. I went and got the Forgeworld original Space Marine Weapons pack

It's been  something I've been eyeing for a while but hadn't bought it for a number of reasons. I needed the missile launcher for my Devastator Squad and I also needed a Meltagun and a Flamer for my Ravenwing so this ticked all the boxes really. There's obviously a lot of cleaning up to do there's more resin from the casting process to remove than makes up the bits! Still, fun times ahead.

I'd looked at the alternatives but I don't like the 2nd Edition 'pipe' missile launchers that are relatively cheap and available. The current model is better but would be a devil to fit the Devastators. As you can see below this classic design fits the Marine much better.

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