Friday 15 June 2012

666 - the Number of the beast

You don't need me to tell you 6th Edition is due at the end of the month, whether that's pre-orders or the book readily available and the box set coming soon after. Of course this is a momentous occasion and something I don't have a whole lot of experience with. Back when I was gaming with my mates we only ever transitioned from Rogue trade into 2nd edition but to be honest I don't recall much about how that went down. I never owned 2nd Edition, I think one of the guys bought it and I may have observed a battle or two but at that time I was mostly playing Epic as they were my most complete army and what I enjoyed playing.

Fast forward to today and I'm actually quite excited to see what happens and I don't really care if it's for good or ill, it's just 'exciting times'. Will it suddenly make 'nids competitive? doubtful, but if I was interested in being competitive I wouldn't be playing 'nids anyway. Unfortunately it seems the new Edition is impacting in a number of ways I'd not foreseen - my local gaming buddy PeteB has decided it's time to get off the merry-go-round and not continue on with 6th Edition and take a break from 40k. I hope this is just a temporary thing as I've really enjoyed the few fun games we've had. Additionally my old gaming buddy Ben has decided to postpone any more games until after the new Edition comes out - which scuppers our plans for a rematch in a couple of weeks.

Last Tuesday I also nipped to my local friendly neighbourhood gaming club and the resident 40kers were sat around painting and clipping sprues so there was no 40k going on, just because 5th Edition is 'winding down'. I understand where folk are coming from but it all seems a little premature to me. As I've no real desire for a £45 rule book I'm only looking to transition into 6th when the box set arrives and will no doubt be nipping to GW to get some demo games in with them beforehand. So I can't see me playing 6th exclusively until around August/September time. But if folk are binning off 5th a few weeks before the new release it looks like I'm going to have quite a few weeks without 40k until we're all up to speed and on the same page. Of course this also means I could be finishing off those bits of my army that need painting. Sowing the seeds, so to speak, ready for the harvest come Autumn.

Anyway, hopefully things will settle down and the transition won't be too traumatic, despite the losses so far.

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