Friday 29 June 2012

'nids part 43 - Run the Gaunt-let

Termagants, five of them all from my ebay goodies bag, what do these cost now at GW £6 [going up to £6.60 I think] and the bits bag was just over £4 and it also got me the two Hive Guard and four Ymgarl Stealers. One day I'll work out the true value of that perfect little treasure.

So they're done and dusted. Another five despite my Tervigon usually spawning out on turn 1, however what would happen if I was running two Tervigons...


And the 10 Devgaunts complete with their Toxin Sacs, as I say more for unit identification than actual upgrades and if anyone ever raises that as a beef I'd rather not play.

These will come in useful if I ever do a double drop pod Devgaunt-wing [ha, ha].

My son used these at Warhammer World. I'm still not sure about how his battles went down. I know he lost all three matches but he hasn't been particularly infomrative about who did what and how.

Sorry about all the pics but I do love the colours on these and once they're varnished [indeed Maelstrom finally delivered although I did receive another confirmation email prior to felivery of despatch which makes me wonder if the first despatch notice was in fact erroneous] I may even use these in preference of the existing 10 Devgaunts.

And a close-up, aren't they 'purty'?

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