Thursday 7 June 2012

Blood Bowl - Elves Progress

What a nightmare these elves are! I forgot just how annoying it is to try and paint round all those studs on their clothes. Then painting them black, oh geez that's tedious. I think I did them over two or three sittings as I think my brain was going to explode.


They're all going to be very blonde, so I'm going for Bonewhite hair first. I've still to do the flesh, highlight the black armour and possibly do a 2nd extreme highlight for the yellow.

All of the masks will be painted orange. Way back in the day I did a Haffenheim Hornets endzone that used the Tamiya Hornet logo and so I feel I need to still reference that orange head.

Still need to source a decent Treeman to go with these. There are pletny available but most are a bit rubbish.

The captain about to long bomb the endzone!

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