Wednesday 27 June 2012

'nids part 42 - Tyranid Warrior to Hive Guard conversion p6.

BOOM! Here come the Hive Guard. I'm really chuffed how these turned out. They ended up costing so little from the bits that came in my ebay mixed bag. I've bought another 5 Warriors to make at least 2 more and needed to buy a further £5 worth of 2 pairs of rending claws and 2 Stranglethorn cannons but I still think I was quids in with my purchases.

They make a nice pair, and are significantly different in pose to each other, something the GW model can't claim.

Here, you can begin to see the 'arm transplant' and the extra armour plates from version 2.0 that were added to version 1.0.

A couple of close-up shots to see the arm transplant.

The extra armour plates added to the chest front of Hive Guard v1.0

The back view of the Tyranid Warrior to Hive Guard conversions.

And the top view of the Tyranid Warrior to Hive Guard conversions. So even if you didn't follow the How To guides earlier on, or they weren't clear enough hopefully you've enough reference pics to convert your own. The fact is even if you've been hiding under a rock Hive Guard are THE elite choice for 'nids. More durable and reliable than Zoanthropes, cheaper than the Tyrannofex and more penetrative than a Heavy Venom Cannon. If you're going 'nids you need them. I think I've played them twice now, old lists still need to be reworked to fit them, but they've done awesomely every time, that's a 40k Addict recommendation

Of course the actual GW model is quite nice and I have made one flaw in that I wanted to differentiate the size of the Hive Guard from the donor Warrior figure. Having them in forward leaning pose automatically lends itself to making them smaller. However, Hive Guard as T6 so they should have been bigger...

Still as much as I like the actual model at £16 a pop that was never going to happen and the very fact I made the model and it resembles the original so well I think I'm happier to have this than any expensive 'kosher' representation. Anyway here's a proper side view to see the difference, of course if I'd put the Hive Guard in front you'd have also seen the Warriors long tail too. Still I think there's no mistaking these are very different models.

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