Saturday 23 June 2012

The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Marines

So you know 6th Edition became available for pre-order today and you know I was told there was a limited edition set? which I mistook for box set. Well, they obviously meant the Gamers Edition in the leather satchel and the Collectors edition [only 4000 worldwide] which is neither the box set I was hoping for. So I went into my local GW anyway, there were free bacon butties afterall and I thought we could paint for an hour and then scuttle back home.
On entering the Store Manager immediately asked me which version I wanted and when I said I was waiting for the box set he said 'what? until September?' Indeed, September  is a long way away. Still I sat down and painted for a bit but I kept tuning in and out of the conversations around me. Of course sitting around painting amongst a quite excited crowd giddy about something no one could actually see or touch is very odd, however the new White Dwarf seemed to be sufficient to fire the imaginations of all those present. It was then I changed my mind.

I realised that the swanky gamers edition in the satchel might be a nice little investment - I could buy it, enjoy it until September, then sell it on ebay and maybe even turn a little profit. Sorry if the mercenary capitalist ideals offends anyone but it's only business and it's not like I can't use it as a whole new source of things to share with folk on the blog. So I started chatting with the manager and he pointed out that if I was really in the market to invest, the Collectors Edition was the one to go for as with only 4,000 worldwide, compared with the 'limited edition' satchel, it was more likely to appreciate in value... At that point Rob, the chairman of my friendly neighbourhood gaming club popped in, also hoping to get a glance at the new rules. We chatted for a bit, he asked me if I was going to the club tomorrow as they have an Armageddon battle going on. Then I was left to decide and ended up going for the collectors edition.

I doubt I'll regret this, Space Hulk was a limited release of 10,000 units and is now selling for double the retail price but I just hope I can part with it come the time. The money's not ideal either, what with the wife's Birthday next month, tickets for Throne of Skulls and my road tax due [does that mean my MOT too? bugger!] Still, maybe this investment will result in recouping some of those costs, fingers crossed.

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