Monday 24 June 2024

Adeptus Titanicus - Titans in Manufactorum - Decals

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my #AdeptusTitanicus Titans. And it's time for decal - the thing I'd most been looking forward to... and yet the process is tedious and somewhat unpleasant. I'm also taking bigger risks - improvising by making ad-hoc decisions about using certain decals and then questioning those choices. But I think the Imperial Knight decal works well on the carapace here and I'm glad I suddenly decided replicate my Armiger gun shield heraldry on its knee

I also painted all the griffons with their blue bodies. This was something I only did on the Reaver first time around, leaving the Warhounds with white griffons, but this time I did all of them. Which now puts me in the position of wanting to go back to the originals and just bring them up to scratch...

I was slightly less convinced of my choices for the second Reaver. Again I dipped into the Imperial Knight decals for the massive wings on the side of the carapace, but the AdMech honour banner in the middle seems a fraction off-centre. too small, and a bit lost next to the wings. I love the knee heraldry though, the freehand checks just adding a bit of class.

Although, any bigger and I'd be covering up the yellow, which I think sits somewhat between the lemon of the original titans and the mustard colour I was so enamoured by earlier in the process. I'm hoping battle damage might help make all the decals blend in. There's no matting of their glossiness yet so they look a bit out of place. 

The blue is still a little garish, but I at least managed to darken it in some places.

Once again the Legio Gryphonicus symbol starts with a Crimson Fist decal. I hole punch the centre, to remove the fist and that leaves a neat red circle. However, old decals and softener is not a great mix and often the decal would break. 

But when it did work I could then fill the centre with yellow and apply the plain white griffons on top.

Then it was a bit of blue to pick out the body and a dot of orange for the beak. Lastly some Strong Tone wash to make it less garish and help blend it in with some sepia on the yellow for shading.

Great progress, even if I'm second-guessing some of my decisions now. Really, all that needs to be done is battle damage and weathering and then any special FX - lenses, glows etc. So, TO DONE! pics next! 

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