Wednesday 29 May 2024

Battle Report - Middle Earth Moria Vs the Mighty Ents #MESBG

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been playing MESBG again. I'll admit I wasn't 100% looking forward to this. Partly because of the last game, partly because we've played some other games inbetween and also, because we're going to a MESBG tournament at Warhammer World - this is competitive now. There's a responsibility to get it right, know the rules, use your Might and special rules at the right time. Normally I don't care and I've someone else to do the heavy lifting on tactics but now it matters. Which has removed the fun aspect somewhat. Anyway, here's my warband 
  • Durbûrz
  • 2 Goblin Captains
  • 4 Goblin Prowlers
  • 17 Goblins [of various loadouts]
  • 3 Cave Trolls [2 with hammers, 1 with spear]
We were playing the Relic mission - 6 objectives, when in base contact you search it, roll D6, on a 6 it's the Relic. Anything else it's discarded and the others are checked until it's found or the last one is definitely the Relic. Liam had chosen Ents, instead of one of his Orc warbands, so another Fearless army where I couldn't see the potential of my Cave Trolls.

Maelstrom deployment, Liam put his 4 Ents in the top right. Durbûrz refused to turn up. The second warband came on bottom left, 

in the marsh. 

The last warband - Liam got to choose where it came on - top right the other side of the trees. A fair bit happened between now and the next pic. I won priority and went for this objective. It was not the Relic. I then started to move these Goblins back toward my table half, were some more objectives could searched and to join up with the rest of my Army. Durbûrz came on, again I think Liam chose and he put them on the left side, not far from the Warband already there, who'd moved up the board.

Liam had then moved one of his ents to the objective in the middle, it was not the Relic. I checked a couple more and eventually we were left with the drum middle right and a Daemon's head top left. I was debating what to do. If I let Liam search and fail I could secure the drum. Or I could search the drum and fail his lone ent would be out of position of hs other 3, with no support and the bulk of my army closing in. I went for the latter. I managed to snag all three Ents, including Quickbeam, did not find the Relic [meaning it was the Daemon's head] and Heroic marched Durbûrz and his gang to intercept the lone ent, who would come into posession of the Relic. Liam failed priority on a 1, I got the 5. Then he had to roll to see if he was transfixed by the dark powers of the Relic, this is his 1 to be transfixed!

With the ent rooted I sent Durbûrz forward. Quickbeam had managed to smash one of my tolls apart. I just had one remaining troll versus 3 ents who were bigger, stronger and higher fight. My only advantage was my ability to trap him with cheap Goblin bodies.

Bodies that I was positioning as a road block between his force and the Relic. Oh and my dice were running hot. Liam had not won a priority so far

And when it came to Duel rolls this was just after I said I "hadn't seen a 6 all night"! Invariably I was needing 6's to win the duels and he just kept rolling 1,2,3

Then my Troll managed to get 2 wounds on Quickbeam

And eventually I think it was just too much and he was felled.

But two healthy Ents were still in play. I was really lucky with Terror rolls and managed to keep snagging them. At this point I'd made a great play in surrounding the Relic ent with multiple units - he'd been transfixed for a second turn. I then trapped the ent in the middle with the troll and the other ent was trapped by one goblin in combat and 2 just out. I then screwed up. Otty went for a brew and I foolishly said we should play the least important battle - latter one. Liam rolled his duel dice and I realised my mistake. If he won the duel he could barge the goblins out of the way, join the fight on the middle ent, peel the troll out of it and I know longer had the trapped advantage. I screwed up, but Liam rolled a 5 and if I got a 6 I'd win the duel stopping the Ent barging - clearly I didn't which is why it's in base contact with the troll.

And it did not end well for it.

The Relic ent woke from it's stupor to barge everyone away 

But he did not do enough damage and despite having the higher fight he ended up trapped again in another duel where I needed 6 to win

The troll various Goblins and Prowlers got in there, by this time it had just 1 wound remaining.

With so many dice in play, even the Goblins could take that last wound on 6 and a 4.

The Relic was dropped and I picked it up, sending the rest of my force to intercept the last two ents. The Relic now asserted it's dark powers on my Goblins, with them being transfixed the following turn.

Liam/Otty managed to win a couple of priorities but I kept throwing cannon fodder at the ents, stopping them making any progress toward the Relic. Eventually my Goblin Captain managed to get a couple of wounds on an ent. He got a natural 6, then 3, which I mighted to a 4 and then I mighted a 5 to a 6, and got the wound on the follow up dice. 

I think the troll came in and after the brief reversal in priorities I was on fire again and the Relic was hoofing it across the board. At this stage Liam was fighting a lost cause and we called it a night. I made plenty of mistakes but I was helped immensely by the dice and how unlucky Liam was with both priority and becoming transfixed. I still have a lot to learn though.

Lastly, this is Otty's shed 2.0 that he's building - it's going to be a monster!

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