Friday 10 May 2024

Warhammer Underworlds - Ironsoul's Condemnors pt.1 BIG BUILD BASE TO DONE!

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer Underworlds Ironsoul's Condemnors... Yes, I know it seems leftfield and completely off-list but I assure you it's not. I've had two [or three] sets of these from one of the AoS Hachette partworks for a good while.

And I decided to try and paint them in the same colours as the Dark Angel's successor chapter - the Guardians of the Covenenat, But before we get to them these are the bases and I started to play around with a blue base, shaded with purple wash - for something a little more fantastical.

Various highlights on the paving stones. At this point I'd really like to record the recipe for how I got here - it's the purpose of the blog afterall. But of course I painted these weeks and weeks ago and only just got round to blogging about it so naturally I've forgotten!

And when the finished article looks like this, it would have been really handy to know how I got here! I really love the scheme but I did realise that whatever test model I put on them it won't be representative of what I hope for my Primaris, as they will be on Red Planet BASE! 🔴

So I prepared another base, but in my traditional Vermilion to Pumpkin orange.

And that's them TO DONE. Really pleased with both and arguably the blue ones came out much better. However, that's on a sculpted base. Putting them on PVA/sand/gravel may not look quite as striking as these plastic ones are in blue.

Bloody Great Big Bloody BASE Stamp of Bloody Approval 

Test models look even better on the blue! 😑 As they're test the three on the left were all primed red oxide and had the silver painted on. Whereas the one on the red base is primed with Army Painter gunmetal spray and had the cloth painted red.

Silver and red was washed with a black wash. Valejo Game Extra Opaque Heavy Red, followed by Mephiston Red on the fabric.

Look closely to see if you can spot the difference between prime red, paint silver on the left and prime silver, paint red on the right. I think with this much fabric priming red might be the easier option. The Primaris marines will be more silver so I will probably prime with that. Interestingly the Gunmetal primer does dry with a gloss finish...

I think I was using purple washes here for a little more richness in the shadows. I was going to have to be careful as I want this a darker red than I usually go. Any further highlights will be limited, which will also help speed up the painting process - which is one of the primary reasons for adopting a successor chapter rather than go greenwing.

More shading to do on the one primed silver. I have the other two from this trio knocking around which I might try some testing on. I want to prime them silver and then use Contrast Basilicanum Grey, rather than black wash, followed by a silver drybrush. Cut down on some of the steps to speed things up. 

When I actually get the grey I'll prime the other two miniatures and then I'll be able to compare them to the different approaches I've made here.

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