Wednesday 23 August 2023

'nids part 349 - Tyranid Leviathan - Psychophage basecoats and washes

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my Psychophage. I knew I couldn't get my Deathwing done, but I was sure I could get basecoats on this beast.

The eye-popping Bahama Blue art acrylic and then AP Skeleton Bone on all the bone bits.

I wanted the abdomen to be VGC Pale Flesh colour - trying to replicate the emitter folds on my Tyranid Void Shield Generator. Thin coats to add a mottled effect and just a touch of Bloodletter Glaze for some variety.

It's less dramatic than if I'd gone with a red abdomen but the front end with all the tentacles will be where the danger is at, so hopefully I'm making the right choice even if it already seems a little diminished.

Washes next - sepia wash first and then a strong wash.

It's a mess at this stage, always is, but hopefully I can bring it around.

Not sure about the noxious fumes, what colour to do them - either follow the simplicity from my Halflings, or Nihilakh Oxide - although there will already be turquoise in the chitin striations so not convinced on that point.

I added more highlight to the abdomen to make it paler and more grotesque. 

Also added some red and purple washes to make it more raw and angry looking.

Darkened all the orifices on the side too.

Really enjoying cracking on with this. I may have missed the deadline on my Terminators but this is a great alternative to succeed at.


  1. Nice work! I love the new Nids models, such a beautiful set in the box.

    1. Thanks Mike, they do feel different to paint though than the previous 'design philosophy', at least from painting this one model. There are subtle changes to the chitin plates so it is much harder to do if you are experienced with what came before.

      These plates blend into each other more so it can be challenging to decide how the striations work. Given how long it's taken for me to feel comfortable with my colour scheme and how to apply it, it does feel disconcerting to have the goal posts moved just enough for me to question my process.

      But the end result is awesome, so perhaps the challenge has been worth it and stretching myself is not without its own rewards...