Monday 14 August 2023

#BloodBowl - Halfling Team - Kurnoth Hunter Treemen - Pre-season training pics

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer my Kurnoth Hunters to be used as Treemen in my Halfling Blood Bowl Team. This is the Porkbelly Stuffers Treemen before they go off to their stadium - 'Surf n'Turf Moar'. 

This is where they are effectively TO DONE!, I just haven't added the flock and flowers to the base, but I'll never see the brown basing again so it's nice to have a record of them without grass.

All the pink got highlighted, I wasn't going to do the pinstripes on them as there's already a lot going on with the wood grain swirls.

And the crackling shoulder pads came out really well too. Sadly I didn't put numbers on as I couldn't work out how to do that but I'm not that disappointed about that.

Grass and TO DONE! next.

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