Friday 11 August 2023

Where's my head @?

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've found hobby time somewhat lacking - my son is back from uni and he's wanting to watch TV with me in the evening, which I can't turn down. We've just finished watching Hannibal the TV series, followed up by the films as a compare and contrast. I love that we share that time together, even if it isn't always interacting with each other, we're sharing something. I'm happy that my hobby takes second place to this, but as his uni career is over it does mean that there is no sign of how/when my hobby efforts can normalise into a routine. I basically snatch the chance when I can. 

However, as my Hobby Season comes to an end I am fortunate to see that this season has been a bumper one, so if next season is a little more fallow I can live with it. I had high hopes to get my 16 Terminators done before the end of the season, I even used the word 'definitely' in relation to finishing them. Then I assessed what needed to be done and realised it just wasn't possible in the time remaining. So, rather than get all worked up trying to fit it all in before the 28th and struggle blogging about it too I just decided to 'lift and coast'.

The Terminators will still have some progress over the coming weeks but I got all my Leviathan Tyranids bases and just the little bugs left to prime. The rest are having their bases painted, maybe initial basecoats and actually I've gone that bit further with the Psychophage who is already at the highlight stage. It's been a really weird feeling going from fully committed to the Deathwing, turn that mojo off, under the assumption I could turn it back on instantly and discover that wasn't the case at all! c'est la vie!

I'm also coming to terms with a lot of my Dark Angels suddenly being removed from 10th Edition. Attack Bikes and Land Speeders only just getting TO DONE! in the last year and now I've no idea what to do with them. I'm not sure how disappointed I am because I've repeatedly said I can't imagine playing with my Dark Angels, let alone these deprecated units. But, it still feels disheartening. I'm not one of these that feels they're wasted money and GW somehow 'owes' me, because afterall they never got the money for these anyway, thanks to ebay. 

But the casual play caveat doesn't wash. We always play tournament style, because you have to practise tournament play if you ever want to be in that situation. Not being familiar with how to play that way is a sure fire way being stressed and disappointed and if we only get half a dozen practise games in beforehand you can't just decide to throw in units you'll never pick because they're no longer legal. Then again, they may be allowed as proxies for other units, who knows? But it's disheartening nonetheless. It does however make me more inclined to paint my Primaris as standard Dark Angels. That's a decision for next year but it feels more like the sensible, easy solution. If I ever did Combat Patrol I already have the Redemptor painted in those colours...

So, I just need to get the blog up-to-date with all my WiPs before the end of the season and not worry about progress in general.

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