Friday 8 July 2022

Where's my head @?

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer a little bit but I confess the blog has been a bit quiet recently. I'll not apologise, because we know it's not necessary but I am somewhat conflicted as I both want to put more effort in to make the blog more successful and I really don't have the energy to hobby at the moment, let alone blog.

Currently I have a number of other priorities - my son is back from uni and he's wanting to watch TV with me in the evening, which I can't turn down. I love that we share that time together, even if it isn't always interacting with each other, we're sharing something. We're watching Attack on Titan anime, which is alright, if a little frustrating. I don't know if it's anime in general but they certainly drag things out, maybe it's different writing sensibilities. 

On top of that, having rearranged my home office/hobby space [more to come on that soon], I may be taking on a new job. After 20 years in the same role I'm in the process of getting a secondment for 2 years as a senior creative designer. It's a massive change, but I need it, however daunting a prospect it might be. It could be more stressful as it's new people, new expectations and my current boss is the absolute best - we're like an old married couple and I'm going to miss speaking to him every day. That's been the hardest part about working from home - not seeing him every day. But, theses opportunities don't come up very often and my career has stagnated for far too long. 2 years and back could be just what I need.

I've also had a number of migraine's recently that have set me back a bit and I've got to design my wife's birthday cards, which is a challenge in itself, so the hobby is taking somewhat of a backseat. That said I am painting now specifically for #ArmiesOnParade - my Ravenwing and eventually my Death Guard are primarily just for that that hobby event. I still can't see playing any of them for 9th edition but it'll be nice to finally have all these bikes completed. But of course, Space Marine bikes are labour intensive. I've got 3 bikes, 3 Black Knights, 3 Attack Bikes and the Primaris Chaplain on a bike. That's a lot to do so I need to find a way to balance all the effort it requires. On the plus side I am just about convincing myself that highlighting the black is not a problem, and my head is in the right space to persevere with these until completion. But, the effort is significant, so I just need to break it down into manageable chunks so I don't become overwhelmed.

It's quite the goal to get all this done for AoP. I even had some stretch goals to scratch build some extra terrain elements too. It's highly unlikely I'll do them, but you never know. The Death Guard is a huge challenge and may even have to be scrapped if I can't be as slapdash and grungy as they deserve to be in the time remaining. That is still down to be something I do with my youngest though. We even got him a Myphitic Blight Hauler the other day for him to build and paint. If we do spend time painting together that could speed things up significantly and my plan for the parade could be achieved. If not, it'll just be my Ravenwing and scenery, with the Munitorum Containers also on the To Do List.

So, that's where my head is @ the next couple of months are a little unsettled, but September/October might bring about renewed focus and sense of normality. 🤞

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