Wednesday 19 May 2021

Terrain is everything - Aegis Defence Line - TO DONE! [White Pics]

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity #TerrainWednesday again and here are the Aegis Defence Line pics on a white background, you know if I was ever to send it in to White Dwarf, which I won't, so I'm not sure of the point of it but whatevs...

The great big irony of this is that I think I have another Aegis Defence Line knocking around completely unpainted.

I'm pretty certain if I plan to use this in Armies on Parade one line will be enough but part of me is thinking about the second. The results speak for themselves and a second set would look [mathematically] twice as good.

But I just can't justify why I would start such an enterprise right now.

Many of these projects can be done before Oct/Nov [whenever the next AoP lands] but I doubt I can do all of them. If I was to prioritise anything it'd be the Macragge Squad 

The Munitorum Containers might also fit into it but I'm not entirely sure if that is part of my vision yet.

We'll see, but I'm so chuffed to get these completed. They just happened organically and I'm really happy with the results.

It does mean I'm back on the Aberrants though and then I'm running out of 'in progress' projects.

I think the Adeptus Titanicus Titans will be next, then that blasted Land Raider - it too is taunting me now. 

Then it'll be a choice between Macragge Tactical Squad or my Halfling Blood Bowl Team - I may at least do a test model of them at some point as a palette cleanser and get my head round the recipe.

Which pretty much undermines my concern about starting a second Aegis Defence line! Ha, ha! The hobby is full of inconsistencies.

Regardless, I've got about 6 weeks until my son returns from uni, and I know I can be most productive during this time. So I need to pick my projects wisely and get as much done as possible. This hobby season is already awesome, lets see what else I can bring to the table,

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