Monday 10 May 2021

Terrain is everything - Aegis Defence Line - Highlighted

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity it's #TerrainMonday ... Anyway, back to the Aegis Defence Line. What with detours to Rotspawns and Munitorum Containers its back to me detour from the Aberrants!

Sorry, colour's gone funny on this but all of the panels have been highlighted and then shaded with black. It always feels odd that I pre-shade prime [most times], basecoat, shade, highlight and then come back in and add shading again!

 All of the Imperial eagles have been painted VGC Stonewall Grey and had Army Painter Strong Tone wash applied. Stonewall Grey highlights next and then some white highlights.

All of the shutter mechanisms have been painted black in preparation for bronze metallics. I won't be blessing them with verdigris but they will be grimy and weathered.

I'm debating the screen/light fittings top and bottom of each panel [6 on the double walls]. On the bastions I did an orange glow. It was a bit rough and ready and not my finest work but here I'm not so sure.

I'm going to be applying some rust effects and powders I'm not sure orange glow effect would stand out. I'm thinking instead to go Tamiya Clear, either Red X-27 or Orang X-26. 

I'm figuring these are lights for the defenders, not radar screens - why would they have radar screens at boot height? So if they're lights you might want ones that only shine minimal light like the red torches the army used to use. Red lenses might look pretty cool against the green walls.


  1. That is a lovely green. Very nice work. :-)

    1. Usually it would have had an additional glaze to make it a little richer and help blend the highlights but I don't think it needed it in the end.