Saturday 22 August 2020

Where's my head @?

Obviously I haven't been blogging much, nothing drastic has happened but like many it's been a little challenging of late. Not so much of a 'perfect storm' but a 'collection of unsettled weather patterns'! 😉 Lockdown has been relatively simple for me, in some respects I've rather enjoyed it. But I did have to take my annual leave, as my renewal date was coming up and I can only carry so many days over. So I had two weeks off and I painted a LOT of things, but not hobby things. These included:
  • Painted en suite bathroom
  • Fitted a new fence panel
  • Painted all my fence panels
  • Painted some of my mother-in-law’s fence panels
  • Painted an outbuilding
  • Painted my hobby shed

Not to mention painting the kitchen earlier in lockdown. And you can bet these are going down as TO DONES! on my Hobby Season, regardless of their non-hobby related categories! After months of sitting on my behind this amount of physical work, especially during the heatwave, was a lot for me. I was quite tired by the end of it but pleased with my achievements. The heat also killed a lot of motivation for painting figures [as I saw with a number of other people on twitter]. Throw in the fact I have to whip out my laptop to do any blogposts and right now It's just a little too much to get motivated.

I've managed to dip in a bit here and there but I'm trying to be strict and not take on a big project as I have that Land Raider to finish. If I have 5 minutes or so I've been painting another Nurgle Bloater but the Land Raider is an obstacle I must overcome. Right now I'm just feeling fatigued and although I've done some silly late nights I've also been good, getting in some pre-midnight bedtimes!

My son managed to avoid most of the A-level fiasco, got the results he needed. But very early, Worcester College Oxford formally announced they would honour all offers, regardless of results so he was safe anyway! Happy Days! There's now less than 50 of those Happy Days before we take him to uni so spending time with him, where possible, is a priority. As such the hobby may take a backseat - I'll have significantly more time when he's flown the nest...

So, right now I need to catch up with some blog posts. I've completed some things, so need to do TO DONE! posts I need to prep for my Hobby Season Review and prepare stuff for 2020/21. I'm not stressing over anything as I still keep my toe in with my twitter posts - the occasional #BrianTheSewerVent or #SwordsAsWalkingSticks

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