Monday 24 August 2020

Blood Bowl - Nurgle Team 3 players TO DONE!

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer in these 3 Nurgle #BloodBowl players. Right off the bat I do not know what is going on with my photography. There was an update on my Camera360 app that just would not achieve the same results that I'm used to. Ultimately I reinstalled an older version, but still got rubbish results. I then upgraded my phone but can't get what I'm after with the inbuilt camera software, or the new Camera360, which at least functions on my new phone but still smooths a lot of detail out. I'll talk about it later.

Although I did these three at the same time, rather than the solo miniatures I had planned originally they're very different and I think have different levels of success.

The variety is to give me opportunity to play around with different techniques. I'm sacrificing a lot of consistency for that variety and it's become far more challenging than I thought it would.

Subtly different but also consistent with my test model. 

Slightly brighter orange overall on the 3 new ones. I didn't highlight the test models armour trim but I think if I switch between some that are highlighted and some not there will be enough models of each to not make it noticable. 

This was definitely the most successful of the 3. The red raw skin blended really well with the sickly yellow main colour.

The tar sludge, gloss and Tamiya Clear ReD X-27 worked so well on the lower legs too.

The Pestigor came right in the end. I managed to add a bit more variety in the skin tone. Far from perfect but I'm happy with the end result.

The woody/horned growths worked out OK too, lets hope I can repeat that on it's sibling.

The least successful of the 3 in my opinion. I managed to add in some more tones to the skin. It's more finished looking than last time but still not what I was hoping for in my green experiments. 

But the transitions to the red fleshy parts worked really well and I'm really pleased with those pustules on his arm.

The face is a bit messy too, with limited definition. However, here's an example of the photography spoiling things. The image on the left is a screengrab from the Camera360 preview. The pic on the right is the actual shot and you can see how much smoothing is taking place.


Some more pics of the first model as I wrestled with getting the pics I was happy with.

Again, screengrab on the left [very sharp], final pic the right, smoothed and unfocussed on the eye. 

At least you can see the tar here.

And these were pics straight from my OnePlus camera app, even with my two light setup

Failure to get good pictures was another reason I felt demoralised. I couldn;t blog these were complete because they look rubbish.

Almost unusable.

Again I think this is a screengrab, where you can see the detail in the teeth, the bloodied bits on the shin and some of the veins on the belly.

The final pic, all smoothed out. It's almost a watercolour effect like that art filter app. Now I know my pics have filters applied to them but I think the fact Camera360 is predominantly a selfie app it's smoothing things, which is really annoying. I can't seem to get the sharp pictures with the colour tweaking I used to and I can't seem to set up the normal camera to take the pics instead...

Anyway, I got to use the Great Big Minor Project Galactic Stamp of Approval before the end of the season at least.


  1. Bloodbowl always takes me back to my teens. These days I only play in on Xbox though.

    1. Well it was my gateway game. I'd had loads of disparate figures up until I went round to my mates house for tea and that's what we played. It was soon on my birthday list! 😁

      I've also got the the first game on my PC, but never played a full match. I used to play it on my son's Nintendo DS but I proper cheated, quitting any time something went horribly wrong and it would start again from the previous save point! 😈

  2. These are gorgeously grotesque. So well done!

    1. Thanks Tim, it's a bit of a slow grow, which is frustrating and challenges my batch approach. Then again they'd be taking just as long if I was doing them all at once. Most of the base colours have all been done together but it's be nice to all the orange in one or two sessions. Then I could focus on the skin tones as individual challenges.