Friday 12 June 2020

'nids part 277 - Rippers - TO DONE! Red pics

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer on the Tyranid Rippers. Once again prepping so many projects in advance bears fruit. Granted it can feel like not a lot of progress is getting done at the beginning but when you suddenly get the urge to get something done it's often only a small push top get them over the finish line.

The great things about these Rippers is they still match up to my recent attempts at recreating the Forgeworld Ripper Swarms, as shown by 5th one in front.

Now the 4 I made included this Spinemaw swarm, it actually means I have 10 bases of Rippers, when I really only needed 3 more to make the 9 bases for my 'Troop tax' - just at the point Troop tax is no longer relevant - than you 9th!

What is frustrating is I tried to fish out all 10 bases to do a collective shot, but could only find 8 in total so there are 2 bases still hiding in some figure case/box somewhere 😞

I'll find them eventually but there are at least 4 that will require some repainting to bring them up to today's standard.

Shouldn't be too hard, mainly the chitin is the issue, so a quick splosh of blue, wash and turquoise. Maybe red on the fleshy bits, wash and highlight and the bone just needs a little wash in places and highlighting.

In fact the same needs to happen to some of the old Warriors too, but I'll tackle those when it feels right and proper to do so.

I'm chuffed with some of these close-up shots, if you're in the market for hobby desktop pics I think these will be great.

Especially with these where you can't even see the base.

You might have two screens where this left-handed shot could be useful...?

I just think they look really cool. Not sure I'll ever need anymore bases but these were certainly far more fun to do than I expected.

You see a lot of people complain about painting the Forgeworld ones, not sure why... perhaps its the many many Rippers that need doing and they can be fiddly.

Mince don't have quite as many little gribblies on and I did feel a certain tedium but I'm super chuffed to have got them done.

It also felt really good to get them done reasonably quickly. With the Deathwing Knights taking SO long, and so challenging it felt like a breeze to do, even when I hit the 'hard' bits.

Anyway, enjoy these 'swarm' pics - like a carpet of Rippers.

Some pics against white backgrounds next, hope you don't mind.

Great Big Galactic Stamp of Approval for being a good boy!


  1. Great set of little critters mate!

    1. Cheers, they may no longer be the 'go to' for troops in 9th, who knows? But these are properly cool and I'd probably take them ahead of my older ones even if they're harder to hide... rule of cool! 😎