Friday 19 June 2020

Blood Bowl - Nurgle Team Test Model TO DONE!

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer in this Nurgle Blood Bowl Bloater and some of the turn markers. I'm currently in avoidance mode so I found something completely different to play around with which was marginally effective in keeping me productive.

I don't normally do test models, but the original thought was these were something my youngest and I could paint together but I'm just not convinced that's going to happen. Either way if I gave this a try I would have an idea of how to do it so I could share with him if he showed interest. Otherwise I;d just find somehting else for us to paint.

I'd been contemplating what to do and which bits would be which, typically it ended up far more complicated than the rough and rusty approach I'd had in my head originally. Saying that the dirty cream pants are a revelation thanks to my Dark Ochre art acrylic.

In particular the seat of the pants came out so well, although I'm less pleased with the lack of highlights on his back. But I'm planning to do a wide variety of skin colours, again to play around. Some will start with the same base but I may diverge in how I approach each rotting player.

The tar came out just as I'd hoped with the sickly bleached branches sticking out of the muck. I drybrushed the lower parts of the boots black [after painting all the highlights, must not do those again in future] then added some gloss varnish to keep the wet look and some blobs of the 3D gloss texture paint to complete the effect.

I did one of the markers Nurgle Green, some purple and strong tone washes helping to give that diseased look.

I had not noticed I'd caught the knuckle with the 3D paint, rather annoying. 

All the boils were yellow, with a gloss varnish and red and purple washes to make them painfully sore looking.

I struggled deciding on how to do the team badge but I just threw on the bone and dark ochre to help tie it in with his clothing.

I was really pleased with the end result, can't wait to do the others, although I realise that I may have to switch around the colouring on the pants. I think if I stick to dirty cream pants some will end up with very little orange. So we'll see what happens.

The plan is not to batch paint, or at least not in large numbers so I can try and get them to be subtly different, which is odd because on the box they look great doing them the same despite the diverse range of models. But I just want a random mix of shambling creatures.

I also cracked on with these counters, once again trying to get Ryza Rust to work for me.

Not sure how good they look and the BB logo and Nurgle symbol was falling back on the filthy cream, with a bit more green thrown in for different tones.

I then added Tamiya Clear Red  X-27 on all the fleshy bits. Liam has been dissing the use of gloss on models for a while now and I just can't help myself  adding it, even to the detriment of the model.

I think it may well have been better with out, what do you think?

Anyway, I never expected to use the Great Big Minor Project Galactic Stamp of Approval. I don't consider Major and Minor projects a thing but it makes sense to acknowledge a minor TO DONE! all things considered. So I get's one.


  1. Loving the rusted all to hell armor!

    1. Thanks, it's challenging to try and show rust on orange armour. To be honest I had severe doubts as I was working on it but the black areas helped to bring it altogether. I've since started on 6 or so others, which I know isn't tackling them individually. But what I'm doing is blocking in the base colours for the skin and orange and then the cream fabric.

      Once I have them a base coated that's when I'll play around with them one at a time. I'll then do things like I have 2 mustard skinned players I'll look at doing one with greens as shading and one with reds/purple. This is how I'll get to play around and make them all different looking.

  2. I prefer the counters with the red, especially the BB logoed one. It makes the whole thing pop a bit more and makes the center stand out or at least it does in the pictures.

    1. Thanks Steve, if enough folk say it's better maybe I'll convince myself I made the right decision afterall! 😉

  3. That pitch is waterlogged! It's a disgrace! Lovely models though.

    1. It's literally a tar pit. Love it. Relatively easy to base too as I can hide a multitude of sins under the 3D texture paint!