Wednesday 8 April 2020

Blood Bowl - Troll Big Build - TO DONE!

Although I have a metal Blood Bowl troll that my friend Pete [he who got me into Blood Bowl in the first place] gave me, he's really only going to fit with my old skool BB teams. If I want a Troll with my Ork team, as and when I paint them, then it has to be this gorgeous beast. And fittingly Pete was the one who gifted it to me for my birthday - he's such an enabler.

Once again I end up feeling you get a lot for your money in this model. When in actual fact is I'd ordinarily balk at the cost of this thing but compared to some of the other single HQ units it's comparatively good value.

Think he'll be my Tyranid turquoise with a pale belly [similar to the existing Troll/Troggoth approach I suppose]. Way down on my list of things to do but it was something to keep me occupied while I felt I couldn't do anything else...

And so I get my Big Build Big Galactic Stamp of Approval - yay!

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