Wednesday 5 July 2017

Dark Angels - Assault Squad - TO DONE!

The Assault Squad is TO DONE! The 'good' pictures are however a bit grim [and dark]

I mean this is why GW say not to photograph using daylight - it was just too bright so the shadows are super dark but there's nothing like persisting with it despite the poor results.

I have taken some phone pics simultaneously that manage to mitigate the shadows that will be in the MOAR pics, so look forward to them.

Luckily I think I've also got the light box set up almots right so those pics may well become the defacto standard, we'll see how things go.

I love this guys pose.

I don;t know how many people saw on the Facebook group but I did manage to drop them all on a rough concrete paving slab as I went to do these pics.

Tehy were balanced on a take-away tub lid and there was a moment before I moved them I thought it was going to end in tears. Then one tipped over, what with them all having weird high centres of gravity. Another tipped and as I tried to compensate my hand spasmed and I practically threww them all in the air.

To add insult to injury my wife had seen me setting up the back drop and made some sarcastic comment about having to watch me take the pics, she soon scarpered when she realised this was not a funny situation anymore.

So, two back packs needed gluign back on and all of them had some remedial damage somewhere or another. The worst was the chips on the base edges :(

Still, about 30 minutes later they were all sufficiently repaired to have poor pictures taken of them!

Anyway, 90° shots of each of them now.

Sergeant - 2 chainswords means he gets 2 extra attacks, you should see the rage on all the Tyranid forums that three pairs of Scything Talons only get +1 extra attack and he gets 2!

These Flamer guys should be pretty cool.

So there we go, only on my Great Build list but started and pushed through to completion. I'm not sure if that's a good thing but certainly shows how it can be beneficial as although they've been in the pipeline for a good few months it felt like they were turned around really quickly over the last few weeks as I kept chipping away with the build, the basing and undercoat, then basecoats and metallics. Suddenly there were only the green highlights and all the remaining hurdles were 'fun'. Fingers crossed I'll be able to repeat the process in the future.

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