Friday 7 July 2017

Dark Angels - Assault Squad - MOAR SHOTS

OK, the 'good' shots were a bit poor. Luckily the phone cam shots came out a bit better. These first few are in the light box. I've two 1500 lumen daylight LED bulbs now so it's pretty bright.

And a bit of filter jiggery-pokery make sit quite dramatic.

I'm really pleased with the finished models, they have so much character for an otherwise generic squad.

The use of the Sanguinary guard legs adds so much and I love the idea that for the Blood Angels these are for their elite and crafted in gold where here they're used by a standard Assault Squad in their traditional green :)

These were the simultaneous day shots, so again the colours are a bit ropey but better than the digital camera.

The 90° rotation of each model, yep there's a shed load of pics to follow, get a cup of tea!

And individuals as well, in case you want to look in detail?

Moar filter shots.

I'd been quite worried about the dark skin tone on the sergeant, I always do, and his human eye but I really like how they turned out. I think I managed to create a different skin tone altogether than my previous efforts which is good as making it up every time means there's more diversity

Given just how busy the models were with detail I kept the litanies to a minimum. With all the purity seals and tribal making it just seemed too much. The company numbers were a bit of a variety too - each of the three came out OK but ranging from tiny to 'mahoosive'!

Here's the clearest look at the jump pack glow effect. Not entirely sure of it's what I was after but there are some bits I like and most of the gaming views won't get to see them anyway so it'll more than do.

Again the Blood Angel chainsword really helped here allowing me to put an Assault Squad marking on the hand where his Heresy era shoulder prevented it. And yes the squad do not feature the Dark Angel chapter badge, just the white blade and on the wrong shoulder. At this minute I cannot explain it but that Heresy shoulder pad I think is the key to their fluff.

Perhaps they removed their chapter 'wings' until they've captured the Fallen half of their squad and only then will they add them back in and return their Chapter shoulder pad to their left?

Although the second from the left with his re-purposed Space Wolf left shoulder pad probably isn't going to switch it to the right ;)

Still love the genius of those quartered knee pads perfect for the 5th company :)

This guy is such a bad-ass.

OK, enough already, next up lets get back to some hybrids, see you next week :)

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