Saturday 10 December 2011

New Ferron Proxima

As promised I finally got around to producing a larger print out of my Ferron Proxima Battle mat. Thankfully scaling the image to the new table size of 150 x 90cm [a 5' x 3' table!] which translates to 127% more width and 118% more length didn't degrade the image. However, I did find the output varied from our plotter. Now I think I recall something similar happening first time around but as you can see below I ended up with two versions, one that has significantly more darker detail and thother which is equally vibrant but without all the lowlights. This time around I think we will be suing the high contrast version for gaiming but I did print and laminate both.

Here's another shot so you can see how much detail has suddenly been picked out.

And again, by laying them on top of eath other you can get a decent comparrison, particualarly in the large crack in ground and the shadowy area below the pale triangular shape.

And a nice shot to end on


  1. Pretty swank - just need to find a plotter now =)

  2. You may find your local high street printers offer the service, they may even print onto canvas, although that could be expensive. Alternatively some applications allow you to print large pictures as tiles, so you could do that on a standard A4 printer and then cut and paste it onto a sheet of MDF/hardboard. I know of another site selling a similar product for about $5 that works on this system. Good luck with it if you try.