Tuesday 15 December 2020

Sector Mechanicus Galvanic Servohaulers - TO DONE! White pics

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer Galvanic Servohaulers. Here's the pics on a white background, because that's what I do.

I'm not going to add much further commentary. I said pretty much everything on the red background pics.

But the white background suits some people better so here they all are...

Just a note regarding these red glass insulator coils on the front of this servohauler. I didn't take this shot in the red pics.

And the crane carriage alone, so you can see the detail on the crane ring.

It was quite the challenge to break this up - the yellow frame, the [almost] black rusty wheels, the weathered brass construction plate, brown rusted crane turning ring and orange rusted coil springs [?]

So you can see how the rusty brown carriage turning ring demarcates the two pieces. Separating the crane from the carriage. This was the intention but the end result is far more effective than I had imagined, so a lot of luck more than skill.

As the great Bob Ross would say - 'a lot of happy accidents'. Which, to be fair, was the intention. This is not the common way to do weathering, but it's a way that works for me. It is a challenge, but it's dynamic and has risks. However, it's weathering, rust and grime, so you can always add more powders or washes and it will sort itself out. Quite looking forward to the terrain next.

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