Friday 25 December 2020


Good morning #warmongers and #warhammercommunity  and a merry X-Mas from Professor Egon Seuss and the rest of the Magos on Ferron Proxima. Additional felicitations from the guys and gals at the Vulcan Institute of Techno-Archaeology. May all your X-mas wishes be plastic [or resin]. 

In case you're not X-mas orientated please accept the following good wishes:

I had planned a 'what's on my palette?' or even a 'where's my head at?' but this will do. Following all my efforts for Armies on Parade, #DreadTober, #NidVember #NomVember I've gone through a fallow period. I wouldn't describe it as burn-out, certainly not with the hobby, but my routine has shifted a bit. With my son home from university we've been back watching TV shows - Raised By Wolves and the Mandolorian [currently]. This has impacted my hobby time and I'm getting tired in the evenings too. 

So, although I'm desperate to crack on with things - my Tyranid Warrior and Hive Guards have been sat with just teeth and varnish to do for weeks now, I'm also happy to just take a break. There's a little worry that once these are done I'm not sure what's next. I've some bits of terrain that I can crack on with, my Nurgle Blood Bowl Team, Genestealer Aberrants, Adeptus Titanicus models and then sculpting my Tyranid VSG. So there's plenty to do, I just need to find time and [head]space.

I have my hobby spends post for the end of the year, but if I don't write another post this pestilential 2020 you know why. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Swapping to a new calendar may not bring about a change in fortune for us all but hopefully there is more potential compared with what has gone before. Enjoy the festive season as best, and as safely as possible. 

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