Sunday 2 December 2012

1000pt battle report - nids Vs Grey Knights [Again!]

Playing on a Sunday night, what next! Ah well if I hadn't have postponed the family ironing then PeteB would have been without his gaming fix due to four consecutive night shifts - OUCH! So we had quite a cool little game in his cleared out 'man cave' - the garage. Certain advantages to having a newly found dedicated space but maybe we'll think differently come the Winter and not in a Game of Thrones fashion either.

So a 1000pts each, I got first turn, Dawn of War/Relic intimidating presence and PeteB got the overwatch on full BS. Oh, and note the TWO! Nemesis Dread Knights. As if one wasn't bad enough last time. This is after my first move. The Genestealers were able to secure the relic[the tiny yellow tyre valve cap!] thanks to infiltrate. The Hive Guard fired on the black NDK and he saved with ease. Tervigon spawned 8, that's about it.

BOOM! The grey NDK pops a large blast on the Termagants and does some damage. Funnily enough the Razorback fails it's difficult terrain test on the anaemic hedge, something we will be bringing up in many future matches no doubt ;) The black NDK fires it's flamer, I forgot it has a rang of 12" and it incinerates the stealers and a couple of Hormagaunts leaving the Broodlord safe with the relic. First Blood to PeteB!

The Devgaunts take a couple of casualties but the rubble help with saves.

The Tyranids are looking slightly less secure thanks to their dwindling numbers.

My turn two. Another 8 Termagants are spawned and they conga back to my half. The Broodlord heads back to take the Relic further away from the Grey Knights. Hive Guard fire again on the NDK and again it does nothing. Ymgarl Genestealers come from the pillars and my Momstrous Creatures charge forwards.

Devgaunts and Tyranid Prime take cover behind the ruins preparing to trade fire with the five man squad opposite. He takes a casualty. Hormagaunts assault the NDK to tarpit him and prevent anymore flamer shots but suffer 3 dead from wall of flame. In the assault four die but he stays locked. At this point I wish I'd attempted to get the Prime in there too. Rending claws and twin boneswords - one unsaved wound he could be instakilled!

Broodlord offloads the Relic and heads back to the fight.

After much deliberation I decide to assault the NDK with the Trygon alone, no point having challenge shenanigans like last time. The Tervigon assaults the GK squad and shrugs off overwatch fire. The Ymgarls charge in for extra support.

The Trygon smashes the NDK to pieces, it failing four out of the six wounds, it then consolidates 6". The other melee leaves four knights left and they flee.

Everyone consolidates a few inches. The squad in the Razorback comes out at some point and gets eaten but not sure when or by whom but the Ymgarls don't appear after this pic so something went wrong for both of us.

The four man squad facing the Devgaunts 'shunts' into my deployment zone They flame the perfectly aligned Termagants and the Relic is left among the charred remains.

The Tervigon advanced to the back of the Razorback to assault it [which it did] and also keep the GK squad fleeing. I think the Trygon ate the Inquisitor squad following it's destruction of the Ymgarls [I think], Slay the Warlord to me. The Black NDK advanced and I assaulted it with the Prime. I managed to put a wound on it and then he used his force sword  [unnecessarily] failed Shadows of the Warp and took a wound but I also took a wound and being St10 the Prime was Insta-killed. Slay the Warlord to PeteB.

He consolidates, ready to shoot the Devgaunts who had previously killed three of the four GK's in my deployment zone, the last one broke and fled, you can see it next to the ruins. I think the Devgaunts were then flamed.

I failed my Instinctive behaviour for the Hive guard in the previous turn and in my eagerness to do my Tervigon assault forgot to shoot the NDK, not that they'd done anything to it that night. The NDK therefore took advantage and flamed and then sliced them with it's sword. Meanwhile my Trygon tried to race back to help the Broodlord, the Tervigon staying where it was for Linebreaker. The NDK somehow ends up in combat with the Broodlord after this pic is taken putting a wound on it with it's flamer.

But thanks to Iron Arm I hit first, causing two rending wounds and two normal ones and we call it. 

PeteB is hoping for a win next time, I think the first NDK was a lucky kill for me but I think for the first time the advance delivered and I think it was because the Ymgarls, Tervigon and Trygon had a lot of support for each other. He pulled some really neat tricks and the NDKs are still difficult to kill but I think it's early days for his force and given time when he knows exactly how to peal me apart I'm going to suffer. Terminators next time I think.


  1. Why did the Grey Knights have to keep fleeing when you moved your Tervigon to the razorback?

    Being within 6" of enemies doesn't stop a unit from regrouping...

    1. Now you point it out it would appear to be a 5th Edition hangover. It was a couple of months ago now, hopefully mixing up these Editions rules will become less and less common as we continue to play.

    2. No worries. Otherwise, a fun read and great pictures for that battle report.