Monday 29 April 2024

Imperial Knight - Armigers in manufactorum pt.6 - Decals

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my Imperial Knight Armigers. The Headhunter scheme was not sitting right with me. 

Without the yellow and black it was almost like House Taranis, and they don't need anymore self-promotion.

But even adding the chevrons in I wasn't happy. The white studs seemed like an additional element that was confusing things. But the decals were a lot of fun to add on the back shoulder panel - a full on cog-mesh

I love the numbers, naturally it should be on the other shoulder but the studs prevented it, but it just fits alongside the house symbol.

The running knight worked well. One of the Armiger number decals had an underline I could remove so it would just fit in the chevron. I loved it on the Helverin I did so had to repeat the effect.

Rear panels with cogs, shaded so the decals don't look to garish.

Some additional details on th ebase have been finished.

Now for head choice. I'm not entirely sure if I like this head, but I hadn't used the faceplate and wanted to paint it up.

I much prefer this faceplate but wanted to try a bit of yellow and black on it.

But I think it somehow disappears into the model.

Whereas, the bonewhite forehead helps this one stand out and so far all the Armigers and the rest of the knights have this touch. It works on the Headhunter too. 

These are a couple of additional 3D printed chain cleavers, so I can make my Helverins up as Warglaives. I had to bodge the arms a bit. But I wanted checks on the side, with the plan being to fill the checks with kill markings.

This other one only has half checks, with the other half chevrons. 

While this one is wholly chevrons on one side. They all need blessed verdigris though, as well as a final drybrush highlight before that. The separate weapon options are a killer

Believe it or not, the next update is TO DONE! Who'd have thunk. Just need to find some time to get the pics done and write the post. I've really enjoyed painting them and aside from the weapon options and some small contradictory doubts about progress it's felt like a blast. I wonder if I can transfer that mindset to some similarly sized big flippin' robots?

Taking into account I loathed painting my first lot of Warhounds and Reaver. Now I have 2 more Reavers, Warhounds and Lancers to do... [for a game I;'ve never played]. Time will tell.

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