Friday 8 September 2023

#BattleReport - 1,000pts Imperial Knights v Astra Militarum

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been playing TENTH! #New40k so my second game and after an awesome game of MESBG the night before Ben and I still wanted a crack at 40k, just 1,000 points to get familiar. I went with my Knights, much less bang for my buck since the first game, but I do get my Lancer, even if it means I have to take just three Armigers [2 Warglaives and 1 Helverin]. Whereas Ben had 3 Leman Russ [1 being his Tank Commander], a Rogal Dorn and 2 Techpriest Engineseers. We drew the Ritual mission - one objective each, one in the middle and the ability to make an objective in no-man's-land if it is within 9" of the centre. It was a diagonal setup from half the board and I won first turn.

With my Bondsman ability I was able to Advance up the board with the Lance and a Warglaive. That left my Helverin on my home objective [not realising that was literally pointless - you only got VPs for objective's in no-man's-land]. Which meant my Warglaive spending his shooting turn creating an objective in no-man's-land something of tactical genius. The Helverin scored some wounds on the Tank Commander.

Ben's turn and the Techpriest managed to heal most of them and confer a 4+ invulnerable save to it, as did the other Techpriest to the left Leman Russ. Shooting happened and the Lancer weathered a lot, not sure how many wounds, I think it was down to 12, but not as much as Ben hoped for. One Warglaive got taken down to 6 damage . Then in my turn I got to charge with the Lancer, but Ben got to Overwatch, doing a little damage, but the Rogal Dorn was going to die with both free Tank Shock and the Lance... 

But it didn't. Tank shock did it's 6 mortal wounds, and the Lance got two penetrating hits causing 16 wounds - which should have killed it. But, a Rogal Dorn has a special rule to shrug one penetrating hit once per game, so 8 damage got removed, 14 damage received. Then we realised my Lancer should have taken a Battle Shock test as it was below half-strength. Naturally I failed that roll, but why is that important to do it retrospectively? Well, you can't use stratagems on Battle Shocked units and Tank Shock is a stratagem. So the Dorn suffered only 8 damage total! Meanwhile my Warglaive got into combat with the Tank Commander

The Tank Commander would eventually fall, giving me 5+ FnP on all my Knights for fulfilling their oaths. My Lancer continued to be shot at in combat, but he passed battle shock so at least he could get re-rolls. He went on to destroy the Rogal Dorn, but my Warglaive got overwatched as it moved to capture Ben's home objective [out of shot behind the alien rockface]

By this stage I'd been racking up VPs holding objectives in the board and securing secondaries. My Lancer fell to the tanks though. Ben had only scored a couple of secondaries and suddenly he's down to 2 tanks and his Techpriest, who swarmed the Warglaive. They were beasts chopping at it with their axes. 

But I assume the Armiger, had an amazing saving throw against those axes - need in 5+, the two that got through then scoring 4 wounds but 5+ FnP saving some of them.

Ben lost another Leman Russ, down to his last one, I think on all its wounds but my Warglaive severely damaged, so it didn't take much to finish it off and as it got to midnight we called it.

A close game in respect to the forces we deployed - limited models, high durability for both of us and those techpriests went some way to making the tanks match the Knights with their invulnerable saves and FnP. But, I managed to keep him in his deployment zone, which meant he didn't score any primary objective points. We didn't even bother to count the score in the end which felt underwhelming for both of us, which is a shame as we both agreed it was a good game. Certainly better than my first 10th game but Thursday night MESBG had been such riotous fun, with everyone familiar with the rules that the constant checking of the massive 40k Core Rule Book and Data cards etc. It just made this game feel like a chore. Add to that it was just the two of us, where you don't have a partner to riff off and share the experience, so the banter gets heightened it was incomparable to the fun we'd had the night before.

We'll continue to persevere, but we've had so many games of other simpler systems and I'm convinced my lack of desire to win with other folk's figures makes the end result irrelevant compared with the experience of hanging with my mates just throwing dice. Put it this way, when we were rolling for the first priority on MESBG we both got the same numbers twice. We could have just done that all night and I bet if doubles had come up every time we'd have had a blast!

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