Friday 28 July 2023

Dark Angels - Deathwing Knights and Terminators - Shades and metals

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my Deathwing Knights and Terminators. Another peak behind the curtain - this was February!

Whether it was just finding time to blog or too busy doing other things but I threw on all the usual shades and metals here while I was working on my Haemotrope Reactor and Halfling Blood Bowl star players.

This usually becomes a 'save point' anyway - get the metallics done and then it's the bone highlights. 

I don't mind doing the blending for the highlights but it is laborious and takes a lot of time so I didn't want to start down that road when i had other projects I wanted to tick off.

I still think I have enough time to do them but I wanted the quicker wins before I tackle them in earnest. 

I think there was just the final brassy bronze highlight to do at this stage, which was just put off for ages but I did it eventually.

Last time I did Knights Army Painter Soft Tone was too dark and it put me off progressing with them for so long.

This time Army Painter Angel Green had a similar effect. I mean just look at that coverage! Maybe I didn't shake it enough, I need one of those vortex mixers. But this looks almost like Contrast and therein lies my issue with contrast.

When you've been told for years that multiple thin coats for good coverage is the way to go a paint that actively shows the undercoat, but tinted to create a highlight still feels like poor coverage to me.

The irony being - I never do multiple thin coats for good coverage. I either do one coat so I get an uneven coverage and see my undercoat [yes, the exact negative issue I have with Contrast, but somehow it's a positive when I do it] as texture, or I do a thick coat and damn the consequences.

Anyway, a second coat made it a bit better but it was the Dark Tone wash that actually made it look like it was Dark Angels green in the end. So, when I get some other little projects out of the way I am good to go for these. Definitely the Knights will be finished before the end of the season and hopefully the rest of them too. I've just checked back to my previous Knights and it takes 40-60 minutes to do that first bone highlight so I have some clue how long it'll take to do now... maybe not so definite now!

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