Wednesday 31 May 2023

'nids part 342 - Parasite of Mortrex and Zoanthrope - chitin highlights

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my #Tyranid Parasite of Mortrex. Blogging is taking somewhat of a back seat at the moment, which is frustrating, but I'm progressing so much with the hobby I guess something has to be sacrificed to fit it all in.

The reality is that this model is well finished now, these pics were from April 23rd! Not only is it finished but I've finished other models and moved other things on significantly too.

But my son is due back from Uni in a few weeks so I need to 'make hay while the sun shines' as I will have less hobby time when he gets back. Don't get me wrong I look forward to our time together, I love it, but it often feels like I have less time to paint.

I'll organise things better this time as he may be studying from home/Liverpool next year so better to get things structured so we know when we're going to do stuff. Anyway, I painted the chitin highlights on the Parasite... 😂

And I did the highlights on the upgraded Zoanthrope.

I'm still uncertain about the glow on the brain bits. As all three Zoie's are now boxed away I don't 100% remember what I decided, I'll have to wait till I look at the TO DONE! pics in the next post.

This is such an awful model in metal, the Finecast one I have isn't too bad but they're so top-heavy in metal.

Anyway, one set of highlights to do, the claws and then the glow and he's TO DONE!

Hopefully I'll get some more posts cranked out, I don't think I've even finished all the WarhammerFest pics yet! I'll do my best, but rest assured I'm as frustrated as you that I'm not keeping up with this -having a record of my progress and achievements is the primary goal of this blog. The fact people even bother to check it out still is just an added bonus. But if I'm not recording my progress I begin to feel real antsy, and the failure to document my bottle reports is equally distressing, moreso in a way. Must try harder! 

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