Friday 28 April 2023


Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity WarhammerFest is upon us. I remember being super-excited when it was first announced and with Manchester relatively close it seemed inevitable I'd be going. However, information about ticket sales weren't as forthcoming as I would have liked. Although they did not sell out immediately, as the previous event at Warhammer World had, it was still frustrating to organise with friends ahead of the release date.

Ultimately it became apparent none of my hobby crew could make it and I was left to contemplate going by myself, not a problem, I'd done Golden Demon in the 90's on my own. But for one reason or another I just couldn't pull the trigger on buying the Saturday ticket and so by the time I did, they had all sold out [yes I delayed even after the warning they were almost all gone].

So, I missed out and I wasn't going to go on the Sunday - Azerbaijan Grand Prix, which is always eventful. And, my wife was working on Bank Holiday Monday so it's just me and the youngest... but wait, what if he wanted to join me? I mean despite all the promises of interest that have not borne fruit maybe he could be enthused after seeing a WarhammerFest? So I asked him if he'd want to go, he recently went to Liverpool Comic Con so was aware [broadly] of what such a nerdfest might be like and he agreed.

With a bit of luck I'll be wandering around on the Monday in my 'eavier metal t-shirt [minus #BrianTheSewerVent obviously], if you recognise me feel free to say 'hi' if you want.

But wait, news just in it turns out my wife's shift has been changed so I casually asked her if she wanted to come with us and she agreed. Lets not kid ourselves, she is not converting to the hobby, but it is going to be a family day out now! 🤗

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