Friday 17 March 2023

Not a Battle Report - Bolt Action

We've had mixed opportunity to game recently. Liam has been laid up with a bad back so we've been role-playing Cyberpunk on Zoom, which means finding time to get to Otty's shed can be challenging. However, a few weeks back Ben went for a game of Bolt Action and I gate-crashed for the social aspect. So not a battle report, even if I ended up being co-opted to draw the action dice from the bag and roll a few actual dice [which Ben swiftly regretted].

The thing about Bolt Action is it looks awesome, just like scenes from a film and choosing those action/order dice is a great mechanic for activating units.

It might be a random element that makes things unknown but I like it.

My dice rolling was appalling in places, but as it wasn't my army I just got to laugh as things fell apart.

That German tank just failed to do any damage to the rather feeble, but surprisingly resilient opposite number.

Otty did such a good job painting these, so effective, I'd probably go insane doing something in this scale.

Ben somehow managed to throw it all away in the end, failing to hold onto the objectives that were all practically within his deployment zone.

He'd been far too reserved, which allowed them to be snatched out from under him. They have a corkboard campaign map on the wall, so all these few and far between battles do actually contribute to a long-term campaign. It's really cool. I won't be starting it up but I do enjoy dipping into it with such good figures, boards and passionate players who are well versed in the history for context.

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