Friday 31 March 2023


Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity you would be forgiven for thinking I don't actually have a 40k blog, because I've not actually played 40k in a year or so. But, I still paint in the hope that 10th edition will renew my love of the game... and lo it came to pass at Adepticon [that I did not attend] 10th edition was announced! Really excited to see how the game evolves and obviously the launch box is interesting.

Tyranids and Space Marines. The new Termagants look great, I love the subtle changes to the Fleshborer and some of the extra details. However, there may be a bit too much on the carapace chitin for something folk will be painting dozens off. That said it's been pointed out these will be so easy to paint with Contrast, it's just my old school scheme that will be a challenge. I can't imagine painting more than what's in the box though, as I've already decided to commit to update all my oldest Termagants next hobby season 

But the new data cards are interesting and I'm glad to see Devourers have had their strength increased back to 4. They're almost a decent alternative to the Fleshborer now, which has had its AP-1 removed, but still S5. Spinefists may even be an option too! 

However, the launch video has a different version of the data card with Rippers appearing to be a unit upgrade. I'm not sure how this makes things simpler, with mixed models in a brood but all the info is on the card so we'll just have to wait and see. Plenty of other half glimpsed new bio-organisms in the cinematic trailer too. Whether they're the ones we really need or not we'll discover. I do think the 9th edition cinematic was a bit more forthcoming with seeing the new Necrons; the Tyranids are a bit more obscured which seems unnecessary. Certainly in a few months when the models are fully revealed this will fall short at showcase the amazing evolution of these creatures.

And on to the Lion and yes I see Charles Dance, moreso than Davos Seaworth and I will definitely be picking him up when he becomes available. I'm certainly happier with him as my Primarch than the Guilliman model.

Out of the four heads though I'm most likely to go with option four - the winged helm. I've no idea how this massive model will sit with my stunty First Born models but he was going to stand head and shoulders above Primaris anyway so it may just make him look even more impressive.

Fingers crossed we get more info on his release soon. There was some really exciting reveals for me and I can't wait to add even more to my grey tide, just as I was starting to put a dint in it!


  1. I played one whole game of 9th, so I'm in a similar spot. Right now I'm painting units that the internet tells me suck, so when the new edition comes out, I'll hit everyone with unexpected units. It worked for 8th when I painted 3 units of khorne berserkers.

    1. I wish you every success in your painting endeavours. Obviously I'm screwing up my own attempts by focusing on a Blood Bowl team, but I do have 15 Terminators on the go too... Of course when the Orcs are done I should be free to move the Deathwing along or take on any new purchases I'm foolish enough to make!

  2. I feel really excited about the Lion returning and a streamlined set of rules. I think, if I ever manage to get hold of the model, I'll go with the hooded head. I can't pick between the helmet or the bare face yet, they are both too cool. It is good to see devourers get a bit of punch back, I have certainly painted enough of the darn things. The thing I am most excited about though is the new Terminators. I really thought they were going to get phased out by Gravis armour, seeing them absolutely made my month (possibly year).

    1. Yeah, I think Liam is excited for them too. I'm just looking at another change in scale. Once again my odd old metal ones, Black Reach plastics, Deathwing Knights and now even chonkier new Termies. Goodness knows how I should paint all these...

      Latest rumours suggest we're also getting a BIIIIGGGG Tyranid centrepiece floaty monster too. I wanted something Gargantuan, but I've just got a MacFarlane Genestealer I'm going to use as a Dimachaeron [another of Liam's ideas] and he's 3D printed a Heirodule proxy which is going to be cool [I may do it for DreadTober]