Wednesday 15 February 2023

'nids part 339 - Zoanthrope - TO DONE! [Red & white pics]

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on this Tyranid Zoanthrope. I'd forgotten how long the striations on Chitin can take but the end result is exactly what I expected. 

The orange psychic glow was snap decision in the end, although my Genestealer Cult Patriarch has the same effect.

Although my more recent one was my more common green glow, while my oldest was just the flesh pink with no effort to represent it's psychic powers.

I had my oldest metal one stored away so I wasn't thinking about how different it would be in comparison. Funnily enough I painted the tiny claws black on both my Finecast, amending the 2nd one who had just plain bone ones like my original version. I've kept the metal one out as I will find time to update it in the future. 

Although I'm pleased with my choice for glow I'm not 100% sure on the execution.

I think perhaps the highlights and shading should have been inverted.

That the whitest areas should have been in the recesses, not on the raised areas.

I mean it's not bad by any stretch or technically wrong - I'm sure it could glow this way. But, I think it would have had moregoing for it the other way round.

It's not the end of the world though and even when i come to update the metal one I'll stick to this way of doing it.

The big question is what colour do I go for?

I had wanted to do a pink/purple glow or plasma blue.

I think it'll be pink/purple because I've not tried it before. 

It might not work but it's a challenge and that's what I need to do with these things to stretch myself. Even if it doesn't work I may learn in the process so maybe the next time it'll work - we'll just have to see.

And with that a GREAT Big RUSTY Stamp of Approval


  1. They all look fantastic, I would lose sleep trying to choose between them. I get what you are saying abut inverting the glow, I have the same argument with myself every time I paint plasma weapons.