Tuesday 23 November 2021

Whats on my palette?

Bless me #warmongers for I have sinned, it's been over two months since my last confession! Not to mention a while since I actually blogged [#ArmiesOnParade notwithstanding]. This was a number of reasons - burn out possibly being one of them

I pushed to get stuff completed for the end of the Hobby Season and then I tried to re-ignite my mojo with #DreadTober but I just needed a break. add to that we've got a new cat that is just too cute and I'm quite happy sitting watching TV with it on my lap and the hobby just wasn't there for me.

Anyway, when last we took stock I had these four items to do:
  1. Ravenwing Talon Master
  2. Aegis Defence Line weapon mount
  3. Imperial Knight Preceptor weapons
  4. 6 x Middle Earth Moria Goblins
And I did two of them. The weapon mount progressed a bit but is back on hiatus. The Talon Master is also paused, waiting for the urge to just crack on with it and also get some of the other Ravenwing bikes up to the same point so I can batch them all together... I did of course finish the two Helverins so I haven't been completely idle. But where does that leave me now?

It was actually funny, because as I fill out my hobby season review post as I complete things I had the unique sensation of if I only finish the Helverins this season that will be enough... that's where my head was at. But, you'll be glad to hear, I do have plans for other things. I'm currently just laying paint down on stuff. I am adding Rough Iron to my Ravenwing bikers - getting those basecoats done. It's grunt work, so doesn't require too much thought or mojo. I want to finish some of my halfling Blood Bowl Players, just so I have an example finished. But I'm also looking bigger. I have cracked on with some Munitorum Containers and I'll be sharing a progress post on these soon.

I'm also looking at my other terrain pieces - moving them on as they've been languishing for a long time. Terrain always feels very special to me [even if I'm not actually using them for anything] and this Sector Imperialis will look awesome once done. I just need to reconcile the same arguments I had with my Sanctum Imperialis.

I really need to do my TT combat terrain too though as I think I might be able to achieve that peace with my decisions on them before I 100% commit to it with the Citadel terrain.

So, these are the things I'll be focusing on and I may just base up my Death Guard Kill Team if I get time. Hopefully I'll feel a bit better too, as this is my last day of COVID isolation!

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